Use your health benefits before they expire!

For most people, their health benefits from work expire at the end of the calendar year. They people who get the best results from a fitness program are those that combine strength training with soft tissue therapy. If you get massage or FST (Fascial Stretch Therapy) on a regular basis, or if you get tune ups from a good “hands on” physiotherapist, “rolfer“, or chiropractor (someone who is more than a “back cracker”) you will not only have better mobility and happier joints, but you will be able to safely push yourself harder in the gym (which will result in faster progress). Soft tissue therapy enhances your ability to recover.

This is the time of year when I encourage people to go see their dentist, RMT, or other healthcare professional who is covered by insurance. My sister, who is a dentist, always gets booked solid in December – it’s impossible to see her in December on short notice since everyone is rushing to get in a check up before the end of the year. Book your appointments now and you’ll thank me later!

Here are some professionals that we have referred clients to in the past with good results:

Dr. Nick Tsaggarelis (Chiropractor who is great at getting to the root cause of the issue and getting people out of pain in as few visits as possible).

Brett Weiss (physiotherapist and expert in TMJ and ergonomic assessments)

Stephen Obrien (RMT at Dunfield physiotherapy)

Julie Den Tandt (RMT at ONE80 Health – she works with Dr. Nick!)

Dr. Maneil Joshi (He is a chiro who works at ONE80 Health with Dr. Nick… it can often take a couple weeks to get in for treatment with Nick, so if you need to see someone on short notice Dr. Joshi works closely with Nick and is also a good option)

I haven’t been to her myself, but several clients have been to Jessica Landon at Excelsior Integrative Wellness and they had a good experience. I also know the owner of the clinic and I know she takes continuing education very seriously.