Our Clients Get Results… and Love it!


I started training with Yoni to get in shape for my wedding- I wanted to look and feel my best on my wedding day. Not only did I feel great that day, I am currently the strongest I have ever been in my life.

— Steven K

After getting into the worst shape of my life traveling and working long hours as a management consultant, I turned to Yoni for help… a short while later I have blown past the ‘best shape in my life’ target!

— Josh L

The trainer’s trainer


Some people’s superheroes are those of comics and others are pro athletes. My superheroes have traits that inspire others to become the best versions of themselves. 

When I first met Yoni back in 2017 we had a conversation about the MANY high end fitness courses he was spending his holidays on. After that conversation I saw the incredible detail he placed in his programs and his diligence on the gym floor while training his clients.

I found a new superhero I had to learn from! 

Through his strength training programs, hands on lessons on the gym floor, and one-on-one conversations, Yoni helped me both with my own fitness, and with a few of my clients, including: 

  • A young sales executive who packed on 25lbs of muscle mass

  • A financial services executive who dominated his flag football league and won defensive MVP

  • A middle aged mother who successfully increased her energy levels and improved her posture and joint health

  • Yoni is still a superhero of mine and I am so excited to see where he takes your training and health.  

Chance H. – Personal Trainer

Yoni has helped me immensely as both a client and a personal trainer. I increased my strength and muscle mass dramatically after just one six week training block with him. As a trainer, his advanced and in-depth knowledge has allowed me to offer my clients more effective and better customized training. 

Regardless of your current fitness level, I fully recommend his services.

Sean L. – Personal Trainer

Life Changing Results

One of our success stories we are most proud of is Terry’s. He is a long distance runner who came to us with a number of issues including back, knee, and elbow pain. We helped him get pain free, and then, in his 50’s, become the strongest he had ever been in his life!


I want to thank you for the excellent and professional services I received from you the past 15 months. You went to great lengths to help me to improve my health issues – from a weak and painful body to a strong and pain free body! Now I can do 3 reps of deadlift at a 180 pounds (the weight is heavier than my body weight!) plus I can also do 8 reps of pull-ups which I would never imagine that could have happened in my lifetime! 

There is no way I could have done that without your training! Your experience and your continuing education have proven that you are providing the best services to your clients. I really appreciate your honesty, attention, professionalism and approachability that allows me to open up my lifestyle and my goals to you. Thank you so much for all you have done to help me to become a “new born” and healthy person. You are a wonderful personal trainer and a good friend of mine! You do such a great job! Keep it up Yoni!

Terry L- IT Professional

Go Beyond what you thought Possible

Another success we’re proud of is our very first online coaching client, Josh. His first job out of university was working at a Big 3 consulting firm, which included a lot of travel, eating out, and late nights. Here was his experience:


After getting into the worst shape of my life traveling and working long hours at a laptop as a management consultant, I turned to Yoni for help. He convinced me I could turn it around and get in the best shape of my life. My goal was to make a sustainable change to my lifestyle. 

We started with small changes, and a short while later I have blown past the ‘best shape in my life’ target and heading for a goalpost I never thought I would set for myself – 12% body fat. I’ve never been more energized about my health.

Here’s what I’ve achieved so far with Yoni’s advice, programming, and encouragement:

+ Lost 30 pounds

+ Went down from a pant size 36 to 32

+ Went from bring able to do zero chinups to 12 strict chinups or 2 consecutive muscle ups

+ I feel more energy, which makes me more fun to be around and more effective

+ I’m experiencing less chronic back pain, something I have been impacted by for 5+ years

Josh L. – Co-Founder of a Bay Area startup and former management consultant

Own Your Sport.


I became a Client of Yoni’s in August, 2017 at that time I was having allot of difficulty with my knees and as a skier I would have to take medication to manage the pain every time I skied.

As well, my goals were to seriously slim down and get in shape so that I could have the energy and strength to continue to do the things I love to do, biking, skiing at high performance ski hills and keep up with my teenage daughter on the double black diamond runs!

I have to say that Yoni not only helped me reach my goals but I have exceeded my expectations. Specifically here is what I have achieved working with Yoni:

  • Went from zero strict chin ups to six

  • My skiing improved immensely (I was able to push harder, less soreness the day after, etc.)

  • Lost enough inches around my waist that I had to get new suits or had to get my old ones taken in

  • Strengthened my lower back a great deal, which had been a major problem area in the past (from zero reps on the 90° back extension to 15+)

John R. – Investment Executive