COVID-19 Response

Updated as of July 20th, 2022

As someone who has a family member with a severely compromised immune system, I take Covid-19 seriously. Below is how we are going above and beyond the requirements set by the province and Toronto Public Health, and some of the requests we will make of you, our clients:

Lawrence Park Trainer Covid

    • We have seven medical grade air purifiers. While this is not a regulatory requirement for gyms, we want our facility to adhere to, and exceed, the highest possible standards of safety. Our air purifiers contain H13 HEPA filters that capture AT LEAST 99.95% of all air contaminants (bacteria, viruses, mould, dust, pollen, etc.)

    • At their highest setting our air filters completely clean the air every 5-6 minutes (e.g. 10-12 air changes per hour).

    • At this time we are allowing a maximum of  six people at a time (including staff) on the training floor with a seventh person in the office area. As this situation progresses, we will consider raising the limit to 8 people (including staff) at a time on the training floor. Our space is over 1500 square feet, with a 1200 square foot training floor, so you will have a lot of space! The only exception is if two clients are from the same household – in that case we allow seven people on the training floor at once.

    • We have an ample supply of masks (including N95), hand sanitizer, cleaning wipes, gloves, and numerous other cleaning/sanitary products. If you forgot your mask at home and want one for your training session, please just ask.

    • We have rapid testing kits for Covid-19 and staff will take one if they have Covid symptoms.

    • All upholstery (on benches and machines) is cleaned after every client use.

    • If you or someone you live with are higher risk, let us know and every effort will be made to limit the number of people on the training floor even further when you are here (e.g. 4 people including staff). We are striving to provide 10-15+ feet of social distancing between clients.

    • Most clients prefer their trainer to cue them in a tactile manner and to “be in their space” when it makes sense. However, we will gladly do a socially distanced in person session if that’s your preference.

    • Clients with special health concerns can request to be in the most “remote” corner of the gym to have as much distance as possible between them and others.

    • We do not require that staff and clients wear masks, but some do and we ask that you respect those who have chosen to wear a mask for whatever reason.

    • Everyone will be asked at the start of each session if they have a fever and/or are feeling sick. We may ask you to go home if you report not feeling well and/or have a fever. You will NOT be charged for a missed session if it is due to Covid-19 related symptoms. We ask you to please not abuse this policy, as the current situation has already imposed many additional costs on the business.

    • For now we ask that clients only use the water bottle filling station part of our fountain, and refrain from using the drinking spout. Accordingly, please bring your own water bottle to your training sessions.

    • Sessions will end five minutes early so that all the equipment used can be properly cleaned before the next client.

    • We ask you to text us when you’re at the gym or nearby, and we will let you know when we’re ready for you to come in – if there is no one before you we’ll let you know so you can come in early to warm up.

    • We encourage clients to take proactive measures to support a strong immune system. Examples include getting sufficient sleep, staying hydrated, eating sufficient protein (which ensures your organs and immune system have the proper fuel), getting sufficient Vitamin D through moderate sun exposure and/or supplementation, etc.

    • If you have any questions or concerns you can email our owner, Yoni (