Join Our Team

Unable to find his “dream job” in fitness, our founder decided to open his own gym and create for others what would have been his dream job. For the right person 3 Seasons is a fantastic environment to grow and do your best work.

We believe if a personal trainer is happy and supported, their clients will get better results and both retention and referrals will be higher.  Here are some examples of how working at 3 Seasons is different:


  • At 3 Seasons, we are focused on growing the business through client retention and referrals. we see these as “leading indicators” and care about these numbers more than monthly sales figures. We are focused on the long-term

Continuing Education:

  • Full-time trainers get up to a $1000/year continuing education subsidy. We pay half of the first $2000 you invest into continuing education each year.

  • We have a library of 100+ books about strength training, nutrition, psychology, business strategy, marketing, etc.

  • Our head coach will write your strength training program at no charge, or we will go 50/50 on an outside coach (as part of the continuing education subsidy)

  • We care about the investment (both of time and money) our trainers make towards their continuing education –

    • It’s OK if you don’t invest large sums of money into your continuing education, but then you will be expected to invest an extraordinary amount of time into your continuing education (there are a lot of fantastic free or low cost resources out there).


Here is a link to our professional standards to which we hold each other accountable. This is the distillation of the culture we are working hard to build.

  • We think being attentive to your client and having a long-term plan are of the utmost importance.

  • Yes we’d prefer you to wear your uniform, but that’s secondary to us (if you don’t have a clean uniform we won’t get mad or force you to wear a sweaty uniform, etc.).

  • What matters is that you give your clients a focused and result producing training session and that it’s part of a coherent long-term plan to help them “Raise Their Ceiling”.

  • We care about whether or not our trainers have their ideal schedule (both in terms of total hours worked, and when those hours are).

  • Trainers with a good schedule are better rested, more likely to have time for their own workouts, and are set up for success to consistently deliver an amazing session to their clients.

  • Trainers who are paid a living wage are able to invest more time and money into their continuing education.

  • We will proactively seek out clients for you – as long as you deliver results and excellent service to your clients we will strive to keep your schedule full.

  • At 3 Seasons we hold ourselves to a higher standard, and in turn we hold our clients to a higher standard.

    • Clients who haven’t bought into the process are given several chances to recommit, and if they are not able or unwilling to make their health/fitness a priority we won’t renew them and/or we will gladly give them a refund.

    • One of your rewards for being held to a higher standard is that you will get better clients at 3 Seasons.

  • We do not expect trainers to be available 24/7 to clients.

    • While trainers are expected to respond to emails/texts within a reasonable timeframe, you are not required to share your personal cell with clients.

    • We encourage everyone to have “deep work” / personal time set aside to write programs, read, workout without interruption, etc.

Open Roles

We are looking to fill three different roles:

New (or relatively new) trainers with a great attitude and a passion for health/fitness.

  • People who are obsessed with professional development and the concept of kaizen (continuous incremental improvement).

  • People open to feedback and constructive criticism.

  • We offer our trainers a lot of support, but we accordingly expect a lot from them – no complacency here.

An exceptional and experienced trainer (equivalent to at least Level 4 at Goodlife)

  • Someone interested in growing into the role of head trainer over the course of the next 2-3 years.

  • While not a requirement,  we prefer candidates who have done at least 10 total days of continuing education with companies such as Strength Sensei, Poliquin Group, KILO Strength Society, SWIS, Ido Portal, StrongFirst, Kabuki Strength, PRI (Postural Restoration Institute), Squat University, Stuart McGill, Stretch to Win, Wenning Strength, Tiny Habits Academy, Precision Nutrition, Exercise Therapy Association (ETA), Muscle Nerds, Fighting Monkey, Designs for Sport Academy, Canadian Centre for Strength & Conditioning (CCSC), Irish Strength Institute, etc.

General Manager

  • Hours are negotiable/flexible

  • Mixture of in person and work from home is possible

  • Responsible for sales & marketing

  • Responsible for administration (scheduling, billing, purchasing, etc.)

  • Responsible for keeping gym clean

  • We have a cleaner (3x/week) and part time admin assistant (on site 2+ days/week) to help you execute on your responsibilities

  • We subscribe to a service that includes graphic design, video editing, data entry, etc. to help you execute on your responsibilities

  • Unlimited free semi-private personal training or heavily discounted 1:1 personal training

If you think you would be a good fit, please send our founder & head trainer, Yoni Levitan, your cover letter and resume.